Jan 11, 2014

How to check if your Microsoft account has been hacked!

With all the security breaches we're having these days; it doesn't hurt to be vigilant for any suspicious activity. Your Microsoft account--linking SkyDrive, 
Outlook.com, Office webapps, Xbox, and possibly your PC--comes with a tool that shows you if any unauthorized parties tried to get into your account.

It's much like Google's and Dropbox's "last activity" solution: Microsoft keeps a log of successful and unsuccessful sign-ins, incorrect password attempts, and so on--along with the IP address, a map, and other details of the attempted device. Log into your Microsoft account and then click your name then account settings then "Recent activity" link in the left menu to see it.
It will look like this:

 What would be more troubling if there is a successful sign-in from a location that's not yours then you know you've been hijacked. You can hit the "This wasn't me" button on that page to tell Microsoft and recover your account.
And also there is another tab which you can check if someone tried to enter incorrect password 
you can fin his IP ADDRESS and also His Geo-location.
Anyway, it’s better to look at logs of your session login attempts; it's nice to remember every now and then that everything is alright.


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