Jan 14, 2014

How to Add Gadgets Back to Windows 8.1?

Do you miss the gadgets from Windows 7 now that you’re using Windows 8.1? There’s no official way to re-install them, but there is a way to get them back using a third-party, free utility called 8Gadgetpack.

Installing 8Gadgetpack adds a sidebar to the Desktop in Windows 8.1 to which you can add gadgets you had in Windows 7 without having to download them again.
Download 8Gadgetpack using the link at the end of the article. 8Gadgetpack must be installed as administrator. Because the installation file is an MSI package, you must add an Install as administrator to the context menu in Windows Explorer.
Once you have added the Install as administrator option, right-click on the .msi file and select the option.
 Follow the instructions in the Setup Wizard. On the final setup screen, select the Show gadgets when setup exits to automatically start 8Gadgetpack. Click Finish.

A popup displays providing some useful information about use of the sidebar and gadgets.

There are some default gadgets already placed on the sidebar, such as a clock and weather gadget. To add more gadgets, click the plus button at the top of the sidebar.
 8Gadgetpack also provides a tool for accessing open programs. Click the Window-Manager button on the toolbar at the top of the sidebar.

Download 8Gadgetpack from [8gadgetpack]


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