Dec 27, 2013

Know the 4 best softwares for the animation industry "2D" and "3D"

Animation is an art form that has captured the imagination of people for a long time. Has given humans freedom of movement to represent new possibilities and new worlds in a creative way and more attractive.'s Not a surprise to find animation in all aspects of our modern life, from simple web pages to interactive games, videos and movies

Whenever progressing animation technology, also programmers continue efforts to create a strong potential new programs. While some of these programs may be advanced and suitable for professionals, especially, most of which are generally easy to use for beginners as well. In our article we will try to identify the most important programs for the animation industry in  two-dimensional "2D" and a three-dimensional "3D" for beginners and professionals.

Best Animation Software 2D:
There are a lot of animation software "2D" in the market currently, but there are quite a number that is distinct from the rest are as follows:

Anime Studio is a good choice when it comes to program animation "2D". What sets it apart from other programs is its ability to produce quality animation and semi- realistic , as characterized by the speed of implementation , and comes with a number of plug-ins free .

It Add shadows to a plain and it does not need only a few mouse clicks . " Pro version " comes much Avatars Ready in addition to a set of features for animation career. , And you can , for example, save and re-use of animation created by , as you can change the hair, skin and colors easily to suit your characters . The program works with all versions of Windows from Windows XP operating system as well as Mac OS X 10.5 +. It is ideal for beginners who seek to create simple animations.
A drawing programs moving from Adobe known as Flash "2", still one of the best programs of "0" on the scene, and still compete with some of the new programs because it is easy to use and very flexible, especially when it comes to the Web. However, it lacks some the basic tools that will facilitate the process of producing an animated, especially in this day and age when used animation to create something brilliant.
Best animation software 3D:


The giant and famous software of the world of "3D" by "Autodesk", used in the film and animation. Mayans program is ideal for those who are striving to become a professional animator more. Maya turned quickly to  favorite a program for many filmmakers because it is available on the a wide range of light effects. It is also compatible with other programs., but with the piece is very expensive and complex.

A software which is very professional in the world of "3D". Often used to create movies and special effects. The program comes with many features that require a lot of learning to use rationing. A program which is  also  produce an animated three-dimensional quality. Happily, is that it comes with a free trial for 30 days and is compatible with all the latest operating systems. Otherwise it is not very expensive but ideal for professionals and filmmakers.


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