Dec 26, 2013

Access Your PC Remotely! Through Chrome Remote Desktop

You can’t always be sitting in front of your computer, but you can control it remotely through Chrome Remote Desktop method which you might not be aware of. Let’s talk about this easy and accessible method to control your Windows desktop remotely which is slightly…esoteric.
The method introduced here is different than the usual mainstream tools, such asLogMeIn, or remote desktop clients, or even client/server applications like VNC. Those are all well and good, but today, let’s look at something more unique!
Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD) is another Google offering that is streamlined and simple in its usage. Simply install the CRD extension on your home computer, and you can access it from any computer in the world that has the Chrome web browser and CRD extension on it.The connection gives you a high quality view of your remote desktop. Even in the screenshot below, you can see that it offers a nice, crisp view.
CRD offers only the most needed basic functions:  You can send two special key combinations: Ctrl-Alt-Del and PrtScrn. PrtScrn is the key for the Print Screen function, so you can grab a screenshot of your remote desktop. You can also resize your desktop to fit your browser, shrink it to fit your browser or enter full screen mode.
For most remote control of a computer, these functions are sufficient. The only odd thing worth mentioning is that CRD doesn’t work on Chromebooks – ironic.

If you’re looking for a free, no-frills remote desktop application that works, and allows you to give other people temporary access to your computer – this is a good option. Erez Zukerman also did a solid write-up of CRD titled, “Control Other Computers Remotely For Free With Chrome Remote Desktop“, when it was still in beta. Check it out for more details.


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