Feb 6, 2014

How to delete your Facebook account permanently?

The following article is a detailed tips and pictures about how to delete a Facebook account permanently and the most important problems facing the people when they try to delete the account and get rid of it.
Step#1:  Log in To the Facebook.
Step#2: Click on the following link below:
after you click the link you’ll see the following dialog box, press Delete My Account

Step#3: you must enter your password + Write the CAPTCHA words that will appear for you to confirm.
Step#4: Then press the OK.
Step#5: After pressing the Ok button you will see the screen below, make sure that you have successfully completed the process of deactivation and it allows you to re-restore your account again within 14 days.

Step#6: You will be directly taken to the beginning of the FB page.

Hope you get the Idea.


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