Jan 1, 2014

[TinyWall] Advanced Settings To The Windows Firewall.

tinywall connections   TinyWall Brings Advanced Settings To The Windows Firewall
Do you like using the Windows Firewall, but wish it came with better controls? TinyWall, a free program for Windows 7 and Windows 8,

tinywall icon   TinyWall Brings Advanced Settings To The Windows Firewall
gives you just that – a tray icon you can use to quickly edit the Window Firewall settings. If you like the simplicity and protection offered by the lightweight Windows Firewall but miss the control offered by whitelist-oriented options, TinyWall is what you’ve been looking for.

With the second service pack of Windows XP, Microsoft added a feature to Windows too few users were adding themselves – a firewall. The XP firewall was infamously porous, but it’s pretty good in windows  vista, 7 and 8. It’s also, for good or for ill, very easy to use. Every time you install a new program you’re asked whether you want that program to have Internet access. TinyWall changes that. This software blocks everything when you first install it and counts on you to grant Internet access only to software you trust. So it’s more secure to start with, but requires some thought on your part to use.

Install [TinyWall] and the first thing you will notice is a tray icon. The Windows Firewall is decidely an app that lives in the background; changing the settings means digging through the Control Panel. This icon, by contrast, gives you quick access to your security settings.
The TinyWall website puts it best. This software gives Windows Firewall a sane and secure configuration and secondly, presents you with a simple interface where you can easily define what has network access and what not, while lastly, preventing other programs from modifying or overwriting your firewall settings.
If this sounds right for you, and you are enthusiastic to download TinyWall go and hit the download button bellow.
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